Channel Marketing: what are you telling your audience

Connecting with new viewers seems challenging and no-one really tells you how to do it. I want to challenge your thinking with three main questions you should ask yourself before you start to advertise.

1. Target Audience: who should I be talking to?

Everyone wants to reach out to as many people as possible as they believe that will bring them more viewers. This usually results in general posts and tweets with very few views and interactions. This is not a reflection of your content or the quality but to achieve better results you need to know who you should be talking to.

Who is really interested in what you are selling? It's time to get honest about this. Billions of people love eating Pizza, but not everyone enjoys Pineapple on Pizza. So instead of trying to convince all people to eat Pineapple Pizza just target those Pineapple pizza lovers!

This will require you to work out: who these people are?, where you can find them? and what message will grab their attention?

2. USP: what am I actually selling?

Before you start advertising, you need to know what sets you apart from everyone else out there. This is called your Unique Selling Point (USP) and is what makes your channel unique to you and only you. Being friendly, funny, or even having a beard are not UNIQUE qualities. What is it that you do that no-one else does? Are you the best at a game, or the worst?

Once you understand what separates you from the millions of other channels out there, you will know what you should really be advertising.

Knowing who you are and what makes your channel special makes telling people a lot easier. You just need to work out what that is (easier said than done).

3. Brand Identity: do I look like what I do?

Regardless of how cool your channel name is, or how slick your logo is, it is all worthless if it doesn't communicate what you are actually doing. There is a reason builders use hammers and house icons and why plumbers use wrenches and pipe imagery. Because when you see those symbols it informs the viewers of what they actually do.

A bloody demon skull image will certainly catch some attention, but what does it make them think you stream? If you want to be known as funny, friendly and warm, then this type of imagery will not communicate those qualities. What your brand should look like has less to do with your personal tastes, and everything to do with what says to the viewer what you do.

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